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Dog Put Down After Boy Attacked

Alsatian attack


An Alsatian dog has been destroyed after it attacked a teenager in an Oxfordshire park.

Dominic Sanders, 14, was with friends in the park in Garsington, near Oxford, when the attack happened.

He was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital for treatment after suffering bite wounds to his shoulder and side.

Owners Amy and Victor Armstrong decided to have their pet George put down despite some local residents urging the couple to spare the dog's life.

Mr Armstrong said: "After everything that has happened, I'm just tired of it all now and want to move on."

Last week, Mrs Armstrong apologised for the incident. She added: "We're shocked at what he has done to the boy - we cannot apologise enough.

"What happened was definitely out of character. We're having him put down, which I'm a little bit choked about, but it should be done, because it's the law."

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Katrina Elsey from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: "I represent many people who have been attacked by dogs. Unfortunately, as this case demonstrates, if the owner of the dog fails to exercise responsible ownership by either keeping the dog on a lead and muzzled when out and about in a public place this can often lead to the dog being destroyed. Dog owners have a duty to members of the public to keep their dogs under control and not allowing them to become free to attack."