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British Families Win Compensation After Chemical Burns From Hotel Swimming Pool

Burn Injuries On Holiday In Corfu


A father and son from Hertfordshire are among 8 British tourists who have won a legal battle after suffering chemical burns from their hotel swimming pool. Thomas Cook, their tour operator, has now admitted liability and agreed to pay them compensation.

Glen Thurlow, his wife Lorraine and their son Mark stayed at the Roda Beach Hotel in Corfu in August 2007.

The father and son swam in the pool on the first day of their holiday. Following the swim he reported severe pain from burns and his son Mark reported similar symptoms.

Mr Thurlow had to seek medical attention from the hotel doctor who told him to avoid the swimming pool.

Mr Thurlow said: “We were told at the Welcome Meeting by the Tour Representative that we could use the pool, although there had apparently been problems with the pool during the previous week before our arrival at the hotel.  I never imagined that my son and I would end up with chemical burns as a result of swimming, the pain was excruciating."

He added: “I am relieved that Thomas Cook has now accepted liability for the injuries that my son and I received.  I feel that if they had dealt with the problem at the hotel in the first place, it would have saved a lot of people from getting injured, and it would not have been necessary for me to bring a claim in the first place.  Hopefully now we can get our due compensation and, move on.”

Jenny Brooks from Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, said: "We are still unsure how this pool was allowed to be contaminated. This is not the first case of this kind that we have dealt with and great care needs to be taken with the Chemicals used in swimming pools to ensure a safe and clean environment. Chemical burns can cause extreme pain and discomfort and can sometimes lead to permanent scarring.

We are pleased that liability has been admitted in this case by Thomas Cook but had appropriate steps been taken in the first place our clients, many of them children, would have avoided injury. We are also pursuing claims against other organisations for around 40 other British guests at the hotel who also suffered burns due to using the pool and we hope that liability in these claims will also be resolved shortly.”