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Taxis Taken Off The Road After Failing Safety Checks

Taxi Safety Checks


Recent safety checks on private hire vehicles in Northampton resulted in 12 failing to pass the necessary safety standard.

The Vehicle Operator Service Agency (VOSA) and the borough council examined 23 vehicles.

However only ten of the vehicles passed and 13 were found to have faults. Of these, 12 were taken off the road until they could prove the vehicle was roadworthy.

One car was found to be in a dangerous condition, two had defective tyres and one defective brakes.

David Urpeth from Irwin Mitchell said "The results of the tests carried out by VOSA are extremely alarming. People who use taxis are paying for a service and should be able to expect that service to be delivered safely. It is clear that in many of these tests, people were exposed to the risk of injury from road traffic accidents.

"I represent many people who have been injured or killed in road traffic crashes and I would call on taxi operators to examine their fleets and ensure that customers are provided with a safe service and are not put at risk of being injured in road traffic collisions caused through faults on vehicles."