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Ryan Wilson Drug Trial Victim

Northwick Park Hospital


Lawyers acting for the victim of a drug trial at the Parexel Unit attached to Northwick Park Hospital, London, are now preparing for a hearing before an independent lawyer whose role it will be to value the individual claims.

Ryan Wilson was left with injuries after testing TGN1412, billed as a possible wonder cure for arthritis, multiple sclerosis and leukemia.

He had to have all his toes amputated as well as the tips of several fingers and this has ruined his ambition of pursuing a career as a plumber.

Parexel, the American company which was responsible for designing and running the clinical trial, will have its lawyers present at the independent hearing, which will take place in private, next month.

Auriana Griffiths from law firm Irwin Mitchell, who is representing Ryan Wilson, Mohamed Abdelhady and Raste Khan in their claims against Parexel said "Ryan is surprised by the compensation figures reported recently by parts of the media. The actual figures remain confidential but we can confirm that the figures reported are inaccurate. There is to be an independent hearing in May which will be held in private."

"We hope that a swift resolution is reached following the hearing to enable all victims of the TGN1412 Drug Trial to get on with their lives. The settlements that the individuals will receive will be made up of a sum for their pain and suffering plus a sum for their financial losses suffered now and in the future. The majority of the money Ryan receives will be set aside to pay for the equipment, adaptations and assistance that he needs following his injuries."