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Police Spurred On To Catch Law Flouting Drivers

Driving Offences


A total of 4,624 arrests made by people not wearing their seat belts and 424 arrests for people using a handheld phone by West Midlands Police has spurred them to vow to catch drivers flouting the law.

Officers say that the arrests, made since November equate to 5% using phones illegally and 20% ignoring seatbelt laws, some of which were because child passengers did not have the required car seats.

Police are now using car crash images to show drivers that they pull over after officers said they would be putting more resources into catching offenders and educating them on the dangers of flouting the law.

David Urpeth, a Partner at Irwin Mitchell said "It is well known that using mobile phones whilst driving can lead to road traffic accidents.

"It is also well known that the wearing of seat belts can reduce the severity of any of injuries sustained in any road traffic accidents.

"I represent many people who have been injured or killed in road crashes. I therefore welcome this latest initiative."