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Fatalities In Liverpool Crash

Teenage Deaths In Car Crash


A crash in Liverpool has led to the death of two teenagers and left two others with life threatening injuries.

The collision took place on Sunday, April 6 on Speke Boulevard, Halewood between a Vauxhall Astra and a Volkswagen Beetle.

The beetle driver suffered "minor whiplash" but injuries were more serious for the five teenage passengers in the Astra which crashed into trees and rolled onto its roof.

Merseyside Police are now calling for witnesses with information about the crash. A spokeswoman said: "The Vauxhall Astra went over trees and landed on its roof. There is nothing left of the Vauxhall Astra really.

"The Astra went into the back of the Beetle, which then collided with a lamppost and collided with fencing."

Seventeen year olds Kalam James Wooding and Thomas Benn, both from Halewood, were named as the two fatalities.

Road Casualties Great Britain 2006 published by Department for Transport found that young drivers are more likely to kill or injure themselves or their passengers in a road crash than older drivers. One in eight car drivers (13%) is under 25, but one in four drivers who died on British roads in 2006 (25%) was in this age group. Dangerous behaviour by young car drivers also causes the death and injury of their young passengers.

David Urpeth from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: "The statistics show that young drivers are more likely to injure or kill themselves in road traffic accidents than older drivers. This tragedy demonstrates the terrible consequences that can follow a serious road traffic crash. Such road traffic collisions devastate not only those injured or killed but the families of the victims.

"I regularly represent drivers and passengers who are injured or killed in road traffic accidents."