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Family Attack Compensation Delay

Jailed for Dangerous Driving


The family of a baby left severely brain damaged after a crash caused by a millionaire's son have criticised delays in compensation as he was jailed for 21 months.

Cerys Edwards was 11 months old when Antonio Singh Boparan collided with the vehicle she was in. Cerys, now aged two, is unable to breathe without a ventilator and will never be able to walk or talk again.

At Birmingham Crown Court Boparan, 21, was jailed for the dangerous driving which caused the crash in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands in November 2006.

Following the sentencing, Cerys's family said that Boparan "should have been given a longer jail sentence" and criticised insurers who have refused to pay for essential adaptations to their house.

Boparan, of Little Aston, was driving a Range Rover at 70mph along a 30mph road and lost control while overtaking; crashing into the vehicle Cerys was in.

Cerys's mother Tracey Edwards said she and her daughter have been "imprisoned" at a rehabilitation centre while the family battles with their insurers over adequate compensation to adapt their home to meet Cerys's needs.

Stephen Nye a Road Traffic Accident lawyer at Irwin Mitchell said; "The situation that Cerys and her family face is one which could and should have been avoided."

"It is very clear who was responsible for the accident, namely Mr Boparan, and that Cerys was an entirely innocent victim. There is absolutely no reason why Mr Boparan's insurance company should not have admitted liability at the earliest possible opportunity and bent over backwards to assist the family financially to adapt their home, to allow Cerys to come home.

"It is, regrettably, all too common that an injured party has requests for interim payments turned down by insurers without good reason, leaving them no option but to apply to the Court, which inevitably involves delay."