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Gas Leak at Greencore Factory

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The Greencore factory on Mansfield Road, Kiveton Park, was evacuated and surrounding streets cordoned off after a tonne of the gas leaked from a tank at 8.30am this morning. The immediate vicinity, within 60m of the factory, was evacuated and cordoned off. Members of the public within around half a kilometre of the factory were urged to close their doors and windows and stay inside.

Sallie Booth, a Partner at National law firm Irwin Mitchell Solicitors commented: "We are relieved that there have been no serious injuries following this latest leak but it is of great concern that this happened. Companies need to ensure that appropriate safety procedures and precautions are met when handling harmful substances to guarantee that this will not happen again."

Three members of staff who were the first people on site to attend the incident were taken to Rotherham District General Hospital as a precautionary measure and have now been released from hospital and it is not thought that anyone is at risk of serious injury.

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