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Cutting the Risk of Dermatitis at Work

Dermatitis from work - legal action can be taken



National Hairdressers Day takes place annually on 21st November.

Up to 70% of Great Britain's hairdressers suffer skin damage and over half of them will suffer from dermatitis from work at some point during their career.

Dermatitis is a painful skin condition that occurs when the protective layer of the skin is broken leading to redness, irritation, cracking and blistering. Hairdressers are particularly vulnerable because of frequent exposure to products like shampoos or hair-dye and prolonged wet-work. Workers in many other industries are also at risk such as catering, construction and cleaners.

The HSE as part of their Disease Reduction Programme advise hairdressers to:

  • Wear disposable non-latex gloves when rinsing, shampooing, colouring, bleaching etc
  • Dry your hands thoroughly with a soft cotton or paper towel
  • Moisturise after washing your hands, as well as at the start and end of each day.
  • Check skin regularly for early signs of Dermatitis
  • Hairdressers suffering from dermatitis often find that symptoms are particularly bad coming up to Christmas because of the cold weather.

Mark Allen of Irwin Mitchell said,

"Dermatitis can have a devastating impact on hairdresser's lives. Hands are the tools of their trade, and the painful symptoms often threatens careers. I sadly have acted for hairdressers that have been forced to give up their career of choice because of the often severe effects of Dermatitis. National Hairdressers Day is an opportunity for salon owners to remind their staff of the devastating impact that dermatitis can have, and to commit to putting a stop to it by way of education and preventative measures which are simple and effective and will help hairdressers avoid dermatitis but only if they are implemented consistently as a matter of course".



If you have been affected by dermatitis from work conditions, we can help. Fill in our online claims form for free compensation advice.