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Settlement Reached With Welsh Water Company Following Outbreak of Cryptosporidium

Cryptosporidium from contaminated water


Irwin Mitchell has recently confirmed that is has been successful in reaching an out of Court settlement with DÅ´R Cymru the Welsh water supplier for the Gwynedd and Anglesey regions of North Wales.

It is believed over 200 people in Gwynedd and Anglesey were diagnosed of contracting Cryptosporidium, a protozoal parasitic infection transmitted usually through contaminated water, back in October and November 2005. An investigation was subsequently undertaken by the Outbreak Control Team for the National Public Health Service for Wales, which found that evidence existed that linked the outbreak to the Llyn Cwellyn water treatment works used by DÅ´R Cymru to supply tap water to this infected region of North Wales.

DÅ´R Cymru did advise their customers on the 29 November 2005 to boil their mains tap water before drinking it, but it is believed by this time a number of people had already contracted Cryptosporidium which causes severe, chronic non-bloody diarrhoea.

The Claimant represented by Irwin Mitchell was a 12 year old boy from Anglesey. Unfortunately in October 2005 after drinking contaminated tap water the Claimant started to suffer from terrible diarrhoea. After a couple of days his mother took him to his local doctor where after a stool sample was analysed he was diagnosed as suffering from Cryptosporidiosis.

This parasite continued to affect the child for almost 8 months as he sporadically suffered stomach cramps and loose stools.

Solicitor handling Cryptosporidium compensation claims

Robert Newman who acted on behalf of the Claimant confirmed he was pleased with the outcome of the case following an agreement being reached amounting to over two and a half thousand pounds. He said, This was an extremely challenging case in light of the scale of the Cryptosporidium outbreak. I was pleased therefore when DÅ´R Cymru solicitor's acted sensibly by making reasonable offers of settlement.

He continued, Despite this success, the scale of the outbreak is extremely worrying. The report prepared by the National Public Health Service for Wales clearly showed that if DÅ´R Cymru had installed ultra-violet treatment at the Llyn Cwellyn water works this outbreak would probably not have occurred. I would therefore urge all water companies to act responsibly and adopt the same treatment procedures at each of their centres across the UK.

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