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Nile Pascha Cruise Leaves Lincolnshire Couple with Gastric Illness

Pascha cruise ship illness


A couple from Scunthorpe, in Lincolnshire, are taking legal action against the Tour Operator, Celtic Holidays after they suffered gastric illness after a trip aboard the Pascha Cruise ship, down the River Nile, Egypt left them suffering from a severe outbreak of gastric illness.

Miss Michaela Richardson (32) and Mr Edmund Brelsford (49) were on a one week Christmas holiday between 20 December 2006 and 27 December 2006.

They had originally booked a holiday onboard the deluxe M/S Kira but found out only when they arrived in Egypt that they were to be placed on the cruise ship The Pascha which was a smaller and more traditional ship which Miss Richardson described as having a constant smell of fumes, faulty electrics and flooding drains.

Miss Richardson fell ill on 23 December 2006, whilst Mr Brelsford fell ill on Christmas day. The Claimants suffered severe gastric symptoms including diarrhoea, stomach cramps, high temperature and nausea, whilst Mr Brelsford also suffered with vomiting.

Mr and Mrs Richardson were travelling on an all-inclusive basis and only consumed food or drink provided on the cruise ship. They report that it was commonplace for food to be served below the temperature they would have expected.

The Claimants gastric illnesses continued for a week after their return to the UK. However, three weeks following their return, Miss Richardson found that she was no longer able to walk. She was taken to her GP who referred her to a rheumatologist. She has since been diagnosed with Reactive Arthritis, which has resulted in her bones and joints becoming very stiff and painful.

She is unable to live the active life that she had prior to her holiday; she can no longer walk up stairs unattended. The medical advice Miss Richardson has received has confirmed that this illness has been caused directly as a result of the illness she suffered whilst on holiday.

Miss Richardson commented, "As a result of booking what should have been a memorable holiday cruising down the Nile, I have ended up with an illness that has changed my life. I will now have to rely upon medication to maintain an element of control over my symptoms."

Lawyer representing victims of Pascha cruise ship illness

Their lawyer Guy Bailey from law firm Irwin Mitchell said "The standards that have been described suggest that the illness outbreak may well have been caused by a failure of the ships crew to maintain sufficient levels of health and hygiene. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. Irwin Mitchell has been instructed to act on behalf of hundreds of other clients who have suffered illnesses of varying degrees whilst staying onboard cruise ships. Before health and safety standards are improved upon such ships, we can see no end to the numerous cases of illnesses which are caused every year."

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