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Polonium poisoning claim investigated by Irwin Mitchell

Polonium poisoning investigation



Law firm Irwin Mitchell is advising a victim of Polonium 210 poisoning who was exposed to the radioactive agent following the murder of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in November 2006. The man, who does not want to be named, was exposed at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel where he worked in one of the contaminated rooms.

Irwin Mitchell is now working with the Polonium Victims Support Group set up by Conrad Murray to advise people in similar circumstances who have been exposed to Polonium 210.

Sallie Booth the lawyer representing the client said Most of the details surrounding the contamination incident remain unknown and are the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Health & Safety Executive.
Pending the release of their report, innocent members of the public unwittingly exposed at work are understandably extremely concerned about any long term effects they may suffer.

The CICA is the same body which has recently been in the news following attempts by victims of the London Bombings to receive compensation for their trauma and injuries.

Former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenkos death on 23 November was linked to a "major dose" of radioactive polonium-210 found in his body.

Traces of radiation have since been found at five locations around London, including a sushi restaurant and The Sheraton Park Lane Hotel.

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