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Kidney Transplant for 12 Year Old Following Illness at Atlantis Belek Hotel

Atlantis Belek Hotel illness outbreak, Turkey


A 12 year old girl from Arlesey, Bedfordshire has been told that she is likely to require a replacement kidney after she contracted severe sickness and diarrhoea following her holiday at the Atlantis Belek Hotel in Turkey in June 2006.

Katherine Reilly, her mother Mandy (42) and brother Matthew (8) all suffered diarrhoea and sickness following their stay at the hotel. The conditions were described as abysmal with undercooked food and food which was served up on more than one occasion. There were also reports of animals seen in and around the restaurant, and insects and flies on food.

Within four days of her returning home Katherine's symptoms had not improved and she was admitted to the Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

Due to the rapid deterioration of her health she was transferred to London's Great Ormond Street Hospital where Katherine and her family were advised that as a result of the diarrhoea and sickness Katherine had developed haemolytic ureamic syndrome, leading to renal failure. The family's worst fears were confirmed when they were told her condition was so severe Katherine would probably need a kidney transplant in the future.

Following a transplant operation Katherine would have to be continually monitored and would be placed on medication for the rest of her life to reduce her chances of rejecting the transplanted kidney.

Her mother Mandy, who is a nurse, said "I cannot believe that our dream holiday has resulted in what I can only describe as the worst horror story imaginable. My little girl was perfectly healthy prior to going to the Atlantis Belek and now she is facing the possibility of a transplant operation and thereafter years of ongoing treatment. No one should have to go through something like this, let alone a child."

Solicitor representing victims of illness at Atlantis Belek Hotel

The Reilly family are now planning to sue tour operator Thomas Cook through travel law specialist solicitors Irwin Mitchell.

The Reilly family's Solicitor, travel litigation specialist Elizabeth Tetzner from Irwin Mitchell said, "We act for many people who suffered illness as a result of poor hygiene standards in hotels or cruise ships abroad. In Katherine's case the illness is clearly very severe and the long term effects may be devastating. We are fighting for Katherine to obtain compensation for all that she has been through and for any future affects of her condition. Any compensation she wins will be used to help her live as normal a life as possible."


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