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Asbestos found in Sheffield School

Asbestos scare in school


Specialist asbestos removal contractors had to be called in to decontaminate buildings at St Catherine's Catholic Primary School in Pitsmoor, Sheffield. The school was forced to close after workmen disturbed asbestos which caused widespread contamination of the school.

It is alleged that workman damaged firebreaks above the ceiling that were made of asbestos, leading to deadly asbestos dust falling onto ceiling tiles, which were then moved causing asbestos contamination.

In a writ issued in the High Court in London, the workers had been told not to work on the tiles near the asbestos firebreaks, but it is alleged they failed to carry out this instruction.

The main contractor for the new heating and lighting system, Firbeck Construction is suing the men's employer Acumen Engineering Services of Nottingham for damages of more than £83,000

The writ states that the school could not re-open after the summer until asbestos had been removed, and school books and equipment had to be destroyed as they too had been contaminated, the writ claims.

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