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Clover spread recalled after mould contamination

Complaints of sickness caused by Clover spread



Two million tubs of Clover are being recalled after tests found the spread had been contaminated by mould. Dairy Crest has ordered the popular spread to be removed from supermarket shelves and asked consumers to return the product after 17 people complained of feeling sick.

Dairy Crest, the company, which owns Clover expects the recall to cost up to £1 million. The company has reason to believe that several hundred tubs have been accidentally mixed with a mould most commonly found in blue cheese such as Stilton.

Production has been stopped at its Shropshire factory until the problem can be investigated. A spokesman for the company said: "As a responsible manufacturer we are recalling all tubs. It's impossible to know exactly what the number of tubs affected is.

Some mould got into the manufacturing process and into the product which has led to this situation where the product goes off before the end of the shelf life. All sizes of tubs with a best before date up to August 10 are being recalled.

The factory does not produce blue cheese and it was unknown where the mould originated from. Customers have been advised to dispose of the contents and keep the lid to claim a refund.

Last year, Cadbury were forced to recall more than a million chocolate bars following a salmonella scare. The company spent £30million on the recall and making improvements after the incident, blamed on a leaking pipe at its Herefordshire plant. At least 37 people - most children under ten -were poisoned by the chocolate.

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