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Cadbury Fined £1m Over Salmonella Outbreak

Cadbury salmonella case



Birmingham-based confectioner Cadbury has been fined £1 million today following a salmonella outbreak after a total of 42 people fell ill and left three victims in hospital.
The company pleaded guilty to nine food safety offences at earlier hearings, was also ordered to pay costs of more than £152,000 by a judge at the Birmingham Crown Court.

Sallie Booth, a Partner at Irwin Mitchell and the Solicitor representing twelve clients affected by the contaminated chocolate commented:

"Our clients are relieved that Cadbury have pleaded guilty to the charges bought against them, and in doing so accept their responsibility to the public.

"The sentence of the Birmingham Crown Court sends a clear message that companies who have a great deal of responsibility for protecting public health cannot afford to ignore a potentially dangerous situation and cannot take a risk with the public's health.

"Whilst it is accepted that there is no safe level of salmonella in ready to eat food products, the Montevideo strain of Salmonella is particularly dangerous to the most vulnerable people in society which include children, who are the main consumers of chocolate.

"Public safety must come before profit."