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Urgent action advised by law firm following Teesside toxic leak


People injured in a toxic leak at a BASF chemical factory on Teesside are being urged to seek immediate legal advice. Thats the message from Lucy Hindmarch, an industrial diseases and accident at work expert at leading personal injury firm Irwin Mitchell.

The North East Ambulance Service have confirmed that the blast affected a number of employees at the site and so far 17 people have been taken to hospital. All of the casualties suffered burns, skin irritation and breathing difficulties.

The accident occurred at the BASF site in Seal Sands on Thursday morning, the precise cause is not yet known.

Accidents at work lead to a significant number of fatalities and injuries in the UK, and latest HSE statistics show that 212 workers were killed at work in 2005/06, while there were over 146,000 injuries to employees caused at work.

Irwin Mitchell specialise in pursuing claims for those affected as a result of employers negligence and previously successfully represented workers fight for compensation following injuries sustained in a fire at Teesside's Conoco Philips oil plant.

Lucy Hindmarch said: The injuries caused by this incident will have an immediate impact on those involved and their families.

There is also a possibility that the exposure to substances involved in the spill may continue to have an impact on their future health.

In addition to the personal cost of such an incident, the financial cost of these injuries to the victims could be significant, with absenteeism from work resulting in loss of earnings and potential future treatment costs.

Anyone who believes they are showing early symptoms should seek urgent medical advice.

Clearly those affected need some form of redress, and may be entitled to claim compensation for their injuries and costs suffered as a result of this terrible incident. They should contact a specialist personal injury lawyer for expert advice.

Lucy Hindmarch at Irwin Mitchell on 0370 1500 100.