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Two year old boy died from meningitis that went undiagnosed

Undiagnosed meningitis


The general medical council has heard how a two-year-old boy's meningitis went undiagnosed twice.

The panel heard how Dr Ramesh Chandra Gulati of Shiv Lodge Medical Centre, Longsight, Manchester, said the boy only had a viral illness and the following day when examining the boy also failed to diagnose the disease.

Dr Gulati denies twice failing to carry out a thorough examination and failing to diagnose meningitis and also failing to complete adequate notes and failing to offer adequate advice.

Dr Gulati told the boys mother on 21 October 2003 the day before her son's death that he did not have the deadly condition and that it was a viral illness which could be due to a "change in the weather".

Doctor failed to diagnose meningitis
Later she called NHS Direct who advised her to take the boy to hospital; she went to Manchester Royal Infirmary where another doctor also ruled out meningitis.

The following day she took her son back to Dr Gulati after he showed further signs of meningitis including a red rash, Dr Gulati again left the meningitis undiagnosed.
Later that day he was taken to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital in Pendlebury, where he died after slipping into a coma.

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