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ReNu contact lenses product recall

Contact lens recall


On April 10, 2006, Bausch & Lomb announced a ReNu Contact Lens Solution recall alert due to the reports of Fusarium keratitis eye infections in a number of people that used the product. Bausch & Lomb began this initial recall after public health services in the USA including the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration investigated 109 cases of Fusarium keratitis and discovered 30 that were possibly linked to the ReNu Contact Lens solution.

On May 15, following these investigations, Bausch & Lomb began an extended recall of ReNu Contact Lens Solution with MoistureLoc. The Medical Health Regulatory Advisory (MHRA) in the United Kingdom issued a Medical Devices Alert on the 31 May 2006 confirming the recall. Although MHRA are not aware of any increased risk of infection in the UK, an increase has been reported in the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore.

At the time of the Recall Alert, 2.3 million people worldwide used ReNu Contact Lens Solution with MoistureLoc, oblivious to the potential dangers. Recent reports suggest that ReNu Contact Lens Solution with MoistureLoc was not properly tested before it was put on the market, nor was it part of a complete FDA product safety regimen. This oversight may have contributed to the rise in the bacterial infections.

The extended recall of ReNu Contact Lens Solution with MoistureLoc was due to the dangerous nature of the Fusarium bacterium. Fusarium can cause an eye infection called keratitis on the cornea of the eye, where it can cause pain, discomfort, light sensitivity, and loss of vision. Treating this condition requires expensive antifungal drug therapy, and should these drugs fail doctors must perform surgery to remove any ulcers, lesions, or other unhealthy growths.

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