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Compensation following dentist mistake

Dentist mistake compensation


An 18 year old man receives 28k in compensation after a dentist mistake resulted in the wrong tooth being removed. 

Zac Worthington was 8 years old when he visited his dentist for a routine tooth extraction, but the dentist mistake caused the wrong tooth to be removed, after a few hours the error was identified and attempts were made to re-implant the tooth, without anaesthesia, these attempts proved fruitless.

Dentist mistake resulted in more treatment needed

An extensive course of orthodontic treatment was commenced, to ensure that the Mr Worthington's' teeth were moved into an optimal position. This was eventually achieved in 2005, whereupon Mr Worthington's' had 4 upper anterior teeth individually restored with porcelain veneers.

Liability admitted. Regular interim payments were made to fund the Claimant's ongoing treatment costs. Mr Worthington will require future restorative treatment in his twenties and thereafter every 7-10 years.

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