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Knee patient takes legal action for painful operation

Knee operation legal action


A total of 654 patients treated in England under a scheme to reduce waiting lists in Wales are having their cases reviewed.

After undergoing replacement knee surgery at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, 20 people from south east Wales have reported that they have been experiencing pain after the operation.

The patients from Wales were offered the surgery in Somerset under the second offer scheme, run by the Welsh assembly to make sure they were operated upon within target time.

They were informed last week that there was a higher complication rate and anyone experiencing problems should contact doctors in Wales.

Keith Willians had his replacement knee replaced and has since enjoyed a better quality of life. Keith, from Cardiff, said: "I thought I was on my own. It now appears I'm part of a minority.

"It may be a minority but that minority represents a much greater ratio of good-to-bad operations than is the norm throughout England and Wales. There's something very wrong.

"It might sound silly, but I feel rather better about it knowing that I wasn't the only one suffering.

"I'm happy for those who had a good operation but it's not good for those that didn't, not good at all. It's not been good for me."

Weston NHS Treatment Centre said it was about the review the treatment offered to patients from Wales. It will be "considering a number of issues, including both independent reports and the results of its own assessments and clinical audits".

Knee operation waiting times down overall

An assembly government spokesperson said while there had been "unfortunate complications with a small number of patients, we must remember that the second offer scheme has been successful in allowing more than 23,000 patients to have their operations sooner than would otherwise be possible and helped bring waiting times down.

"Patients will continue to have the option the use the second offer scheme to receive their treatment, if it appears they won't get their operations within our target times at their local hospital.

"It is because of the comprehensive monitoring system that is in place with the second offer scheme that the problems at Weston were identified early and measures put in placed to resolve the issues.

"Patients can therefore continue to have confidence in the scheme."

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