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Tasers To Be Given To More Officers In London

Suing the police


Officers in London who did not previously carry firearms will now be armed with Taser stun guns that use 50,000-volts to incapacitate anyone it is used on.

More Metropolitan Police are now armed with the weapons as part of a government trial, the tenth force to take part across England and Wales.

There have been 47 incidents in London where officers used the electric stun guns, which fire two metal barbs to pierce the skin and deliver the charge, between January and August 2007.

UK police have said that there has been "no severe or adverse reactions" to the taser since it was introduced in 2003 but Amnesty International has said that the weapons, which temporarily disable a suspect, have been linked to more than 70 deaths in America.

Police damages

Ifti Manzoor, an Associate at law firm Irwin Mitchell commented: "It is vitally important that all officers are fully trained in the use of the tazer gun and its use is restricted to only where an officer deems it necessary and there are no other options available.

"The danger is that its indiscriminate use may well lead to further complaints or civil actions against the police."

"Sadly, I have have represented people who have had to claim damages following the use of tasers."