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Sapphire Princess Cruise Liner Hit by Typhoon

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It has come to our attention that an incident has taken place on board the Sapphire Princess Cruise Ship when it was hit by a hurricane during a 16 night cruise to the far east.

The ship which was due to call at 9 ports during its voyage, was hit by the severe weather conditions after leaving Bangkok, despite severe weather warnings which the captain was allegedly aware of. The decision was made to continue with the voyage and passengers on board were left fearing for their safety after it is alleged that 30 ft waves reverberated off the ship leaving passengers suffering from both injury, sea sickness and trauma.

The hurricane also affected the itinerary of the voyage with at least 4 ports of call being cut from the itinerary along with the cancellation of the two stop Vietnamese leg of the trip. This led to disappointment amongst passengers who had paid for and expected a trip with a full itinerary resulting in some of the main highlights of the voyage being excluded altogether.

At the remaining ports of call the ship experienced difficulties in docking in some of the city harbours due to its size and passengers were allegedly kept on board ship whilst it attempted on a number of occasions to dock in container docks as the proposed alternative.

Following the end of their trip passengers were allegedly given letters by ship's staff apologising for the unforeseen weather conditions.

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