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Irish Singer Dies After Exposure To Asbestos

Death after exposure to Asbestos


Famous Irish singer Christie Hennessy, 62, has died from an asbestos related illness.

Mr Cotton, manager to Mr Hennessy has said that the singer could have contracted the illness after working at building sites when he was a teenager after he moved to England.

He became ill around March 2007 and got progressively worse towards the end of the year before he passed away leaving behind his wife and three children.

Asbestos related illness expert

Adrian Budgen from the Industrial Disease team at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors commented: This just proves that asbestos is no respecter of class, nationality, occupation or standing. Like Steve McQueen and Mickey Most, you can go on to much greater things but sadly, the past eventually catches up with you.

"The latency period for mesothelioma is anywhere from 20 to 50 years although the risk always stays with you. It is tragic that such a well loved and talented person has been affected by this dreadful disease."