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Christmas Warning For Motorists

Dangerous driving warning


Motorists double their risk of an accident simply by being on the road at Christmas time, a report claims.

The RAC Foundation analysed Government figures and found road users in London are twice as likely to be involved in a serious road traffic accident than those in South East and South West.

The data also reveals that Worcestershire is the safest county for motoring, followed by Hertfordshire, Warwickshire, Hampshire and Devon.

RAC campaigns head Sheila Rainger said: "Christmas is traditionally a time to visit friends and family, but motorists must expect the unexpected and be aware that not all parts of the UK are equal when it comes to road safety.

"Unfamiliar surroundings, wintry conditions and overdoses of Christmas indulgence can make for a hazardous and stressful journey.

"Many motorists will be tired after the pre-holiday rush at work, and driving with too many things on their mind, leading to increased speeds, inattention and poor hazard perception."

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