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Women Offered Hepatitis C Test By Pilgrim Hospital In Lincolnshire

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Boston's Pilgrim Hospital in Lincolnshire is contacting 62 women operated on by a gynaecologist who was carrying the Hepatitis C virus.

The specialist was unaware that he had the virus when he treated these women a few years ago. So far, it is known that he passed it on to several patients, one of whom later died. It is possible that more women could be infected.

The women in question have been offered the blood tests amid fears the gynaecologist in question may not have followed guidelines to minimise the risk of infection.

Lincolnshire's hospitals trust has managed to speak to 56 of the women so far, but emphasises the risk of infection is low.

The trust said the gynaecologist had now been stopped from working at the hospital, a full investigation was under way and the General Medical Council had been contacted for professional advice.

Hepatitis C is an extremely infectious disease that attacks the liver.

has contracted Hepatitis C after being treated at this Hospital then please contact a specialist at our firm for initial free advice.