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Two People Confirmed with E.Coli infection

E.Coli outbreak - Marmaris, Turkey



Two people who recently returned from a holiday in Marmaris, Turkey have been confirmed with the potentially deadly E.coli 0157 infection.

The two from Tayside are believed to have contracted the bug while on holiday and an outbreak control team has been set up to try and avoid the infection spreading throughout Scotland.

Public Health experts have recommended that other people returning from abroad see their doctor and stay off work if they are suffering from a stomach bug.

E.coli 0157 causes symptoms including as stomach cramps, nausea, sickness and fever and in some cases can be fatal.

Clive Garner, Head of Travel Law at Irwin Mitchell said "E.coli 0157 is a particularly aggressive infection which in severe cases can lead to complications including brain damage and kidney failure and ultimately death. The prevention of this infection should therefore always be a top priority for those in charge of health and safety procedures."

"Through the experiences of many of the people we have represented who have contracted E.Coli whilst on holiday, we have seen that it is often the most basic hygiene measures that have been overlooked and which have caused the direst consequences."

We hope that this outbreak of E.Coli is pin-pointed and controlled quickly limited and that all of those effected return to good health as soon as possible"

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