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European Court Of Human Rights Names Date for Verdict in Frozen Embryos Case

Natallie Evans Frozen Embryo Case


The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has announced that its judgment in the case of Natallie Evans, who is fighting to win the right to use her stored frozen embryos, will be delivered at a public hearing at 3:30pm Local Time on 10 April 2007 at the Human Rights Building in Strasbourg.

This judgment by the Grand Chamber follows the appeal by Natallie to the ECtHR which took place on 22 November 2006. Natallie's pleas were heard by seventeen Judges in the Grand Chamber, her last legal option to save her embryos.

Natallie who had six embryos frozen after being treated for ovarian cancer in 2001, is fighting to win the right to use her stored frozen embryos to have a baby, after her ex-partner, Howard Johnston, withdrew his consent.

Natallie's solicitor, Muiris Lyons of law firm Irwin Mitchell said: This is Natallie's last chance. It is not about her right to be a mother, or about Mr Johnstons right not to be a father. This is about Natallie having the opportunity to use the embryos they created together and which Mr Johnston agreed would be available for Natallie's use.

Natallie is now infertile, however Mr Johnston remains fertile, yet he continues to refuse Natallie the right to use the embryos.

Natallie contends that by depriving her of the opportunity to use her stored embryos to have a natural child of her own the UK law, laid down in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (HFEA) 1990, breaches her human rights under the European Convention on Human Rights. In particular Natallie contends that her rights to respect for her private and family life (Article 8) and not to be discriminated against (Article 14) have been breached.

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