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Sheffield Man Wins Over £2000 in Finger Injury Compensation

Finger Injury Compensation


A Sheffield man has received an out-of-court settlement of over £2000 after sustaining a crush injury to his right middle finger leaving him with permanent injuries.

Luke Peace, 19 of Penrith Road in Sheffield suffered his injuries in April 2005 whilst employed as a junior clerk by Transtar International Freight Forwarders of Attercliffe, Sheffield. During his employment Mr Peace was assisting a delivery driver to load a steel bar onto a lorry. The driver was carrying one end of the bar when he dropped it leaving Mr Peace to take the full weight of the bar causing him to fall to the ground, trapping his right hand between the bar and the ground.

He pulled his hand out quickly from beneath the bar and this damaged the nail of his right middle finger. Mr Peace's right little finger was also injured but at the Northern General hospital x-rays confirmed the main injury was a fracture to the tip of the middle finger requiring stitches. Mr Peace was later seen by plastic surgeons who arranged for the middle finger to be stitched and the nail to be glued back into position.

He said, I"f the driver had given a warning as he was dropping the steel bar then I would have had an opportunity to move my right hand out of the way."

Finger Injury Compensation With Help From Irwin Mitchell Solicitors 

His payout was secured with help from Solicitor Lisa Fairclough of personal injury experts Irwin Mitchell, based at the firm's Riverside offices in Sheffield.

She said, "During Mr Peace's employment, he did not receive any manual handling training. The injuries sustained were as a result of his lack of manual handling training coupled with the delivery driver failing to give any warning of his actions. It is every employers responsibility to ensure employees are provided with sufficient manual handling training and guidance and to ensure a safe environment and safe system of work for all their workers."

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