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Mother Angry at Delayed Tumour Diagnosis

Delayed tumour diagnosis claim


The tragic death of Levi Ringer, a six year old boy from Osset, West Yorkshire following a delay in the diagnosis of a tumour growing down his spine lead to his mother speaking out about her anger today.

Levi died on Tuesday 5 September from the tumour. His mother Miss Ringer (34) a former teacher says, she was dismissed by doctors at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield as a neurotic following her fears that her son was suffering from a brain tumour, because he was not displaying all the symptoms, such as fits and loss of balance.

He was finally diagnosed with a tumour growing down his spine six weeks ago after a scan.

Miss Ringer says she took her son to see experts at the hospital several times after he started complaining of severe headaches in March.

"I was very angry," she said. "But my anger was less important then, because I just wanted to get him treatment.

"Levi trusted me to get him better. I let him down and the hospital let me down," she said.