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Lifescan recalls Onetouch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Meters

Recalled: Onetouch Ultra 2 blood glucose meters


Onetouch Ultra 2 blood glucose meters have been recalled following three reports that the meter has led people to misread the results. These meters have been available in the UK since June of this year and approximately 49,000 have been sold.

The meters help diabetics monitor their blood sugar levels. The meter provides the user with a digital reading. This reading is used by the diabetic sufferer to calculate how much insulin they need. However, the decimal point in the reading is too close to the digits causing users to misread the result. For instance 2.4mmol/L was misread as 24mmol/L, this is ten times higher than their blood sugar actually was. This could cause someone to treat themselves based on an incorrect reading and they could suffer serious consequences.

Although Lifescan are providing free replacements and are advising users to double check the reading this may not be sufficient and people may still be at risk of misreading the meter and suffering injuries.


If you or someone you know has suffered any consequences as a result of the Onetouch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose meter please contact a solicitor in our Product Liability team as it may be possible to recover damages as a way of compensating you for the injuries you have suffered.