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Brain surgery for teenager who received radiation overdose

Radiation overdose


An Ayrshire teenage cancer patient, who was given a massive radiation overdose during her treatment for a brain tumour earlier this year, is now in hospital following a brain operation.

Lisa Norris, 16, was given 17 overdoses of radiation therapy at the Beatson Oncology Centre in Glasgow in January. Human error was blamed for the overdose which left Lisa with burns on the back of her neck and head. She was warned by medics that the blunder could cause long-term brain damage, leading to paralysis and even premature death.

Lisa appeared to be making progress as she received specialist oxygen treatment and was able to return to school. But unfortunately after weeks of feeling off-colour, blurred vision and significant weight loss, the teenager is now back in Glasgow's Southern General Hospital following an operation to remove fluid from her brain. Her family are still awaiting confirmation from doctors about whether this problem was a result of the radiation overdose and have been warned this could be the start of a number of health problems for Lisa, who is due to be transferred to Yorkhill Hospital for observation later this week.

An investigation into the radiation overdose is under way.



Lisa is now showing signs of recovery after her brain operation.