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Potential defendants in Stolen Body Parts legal action named

Stolen body parts case


Law firm Irwin Mitchell have confirmed that they are investigating claims for compensation, on behalf of several UK clients, against seven undertakers who have today admitted to being part of the criminal enterprise to harvest and sell body parts as part of the stolen body parts investigation in the US.

Civil proceedings in the US have already commenced against two individuals Michael Mastromarino and Joseph Nicelli, who have previously pleaded not guilty to criminal charges relating to the removal of body parts from corpses without the consent of relatives and selling them to biomedical companies.

Prosecutors in the US claim they have unearthed evidence that death certificates and other paperwork were falsified, and rules on screening and selection flaunted prior to the removal of body tissue.

The law firm, which announced yesterday that it is investigating legal action on behalf of several clients, is also looking at pursuing Biomedical Tissue Services Ltd (BTS), Medtronic Sofamor Danek, USA Inc., SpinalGraft Technologies LLC and Regeneration Technologies Inc. the US companies which were in the chain of supply of body tissue in the US prior to export to the UK.

Clive Garner who is representing the UK victims of this scam said "The announcement that seven undertakers have declared their involvement in this horrific enterprise confirms the scale of the problem and raises further confirms failures in the US to ensure the harvesting of human tissue which is safe and fit for its intended use."
The law firm has also not ruled out bringing claims against UK companies who imported the bones and organs.

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