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Numbers of personnel injured in Afghanistan and Iraq

Personnel injured in Afghanistan and Iraq




Seventy British personnel injured in Afghanistan were admitted for treatment after being wounded in action during the first nine months of this year, according to official figures published today.

The Ministry of Defence figures show that a further 53 - including civilian as well as military personnel - were admitted to British or coalition medical facilities for non-battle injuries.

Fourteen personnel were categorised as very seriously injured from all causes excluding disease while a further nine were categorised as seriously injured.
In total, 198 were evacuated by air from Afghanistan on medical grounds, whatever the reason.

In Iraq over the same period, 47 personnel were admitted to the British military hospital at the Shaibah logistics base near Basra after being wounded in action. A further 855 were admitted for disease or non-battle injuries.

Three were categorised as very seriously injured and seven as seriously injured while 553 were evacuated from Iraq by air.



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