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Leading neonatal lawyer calls for improvements to maternity resources on the eve of National Baby Loss Awareness day

Neonatal law expert


On the eve of National Baby Loss Awareness Day (Sunday 15th October), leading Manchester lawyer, Stephanie Forman has called for improvements to UK maternity resources and expresses concern over the number of neonatal units facing closure.

Ms Forman from the Manchester office of national law firm Irwin Mitchell, who represents both mothers and babies, said that there was a worrying trend towards under-resourcing pre and post-maternity care.

Maternity units closing, reduction in skilled midwifes and also insufficient obstetricians together with a policy in some cases of leaving the mother up to 13 days after their due date, is compromising the safe delivery of new born babies.

The women I represent have often been through a perfectly healthy pregnancy culminated in an avoidable catastrophic event causing the death of the baby.

Medical law solicitor

Ms Formans observations are underpinned by the threatened closure of the neo natal unit at Wythenshawe Hospital.

The closure of the unit at the hospital will have a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of both mother and baby in the community,

National Baby Loss Awareness Day is in its fourth year. Organisers are staging Wave of Light services and balloon releases at venues across the UK. Funds raised from the sale of hand made pink and blue ribbons go towards supporting bereaved families.

Helen Doherty from SANDS (stillbirth and neonatal death charity) North West said: In the UK 17 babies a day are born stillborn or die within the first four weeks. There are still far too many unexplained deaths in infancy across the UK “ we plan to make parents-to-be and those involved in their care together with the community at large better informed.