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Inquest after patient dies following organ failure mis-diagnosis

Organ failure misdiagnosis


A patient who died from multiple organ failure spoke to eight different doctors in the days before her death, and all misdiagnosed her condition, an Inquest has heard.

The patient died on Easter Tuesday in 2005 from organ failure caused by septicaemia following an injection for haemorrhoids.

She had six telephone consultations and two face-to-face appointments with doctors working for Camidoc, an out-of hours GP service, in the four days before her death.

They diagnosed her with a range of conditions, including flu, a viral infection, the effects of food poisoning and colic, Poplar Coroner's Court, in east London, was told.

She had developed a pinky red and blotchy rash covering her chest, abdomen and groin, and a fever.

She fell ill following treatment at hospital and died at the Royal London Hospital days after falling ill.

Her symptoms were mis-diagnosed as a urinary tract infection, a virus, food poisoning and colic.

She then developed a worse fever and an extensive rash which covered her neck and groin area down to her legs.
The Inquest is due to finish this week.