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Epilepsy misdiagnosis doctor has GMC Appeal heard in High Court

Epilepsy misdiagnosis case


Dr Andrew Holton, former Consultant Paediatrician at Leicester Royal Infirmary will appear before the High Court today, Monday 16th October 2006, in an appeal against the GMC ruling against him of January 2006.

At the two day hearing in London, which is expected to be held in public, Holton will have his appeal heard by one Judge.

Richard Follis of Irwin Mitchell, representing the Leicester Epilepsy Concern Parents and Carers' Group (LECPCG) said:

"My clients are understandably outraged and upset that Dr Holton has brought an appeal against the GMC decision, which they regarded as the mildest of slaps on the wrist as they believe it placed limited and minor restrictions on his practice. It is a source of considerable anxiety that he is appealing against the GMC ruling."

"Because my clients have no standing in this appeal process they feel marginalised and forgotten by the GMC system, which is supposed to exist to protect their rights and their safety."

Mary Peberdy, a representative of the LECPCG said: "We are shocked and dismayed to learn of Holton's appeal. We believe our children have been permanently damaged as a result of Holton's actions and treatment as a doctor. We feel completely left out of this process and marginalised by the GMC. Who will protect our rights as patients, if not the GMC?"

In January 2006 a GMC panel judged Holton Fit to Practise. However they judged his performance to have been 'seriously deficient', and placed a number of restrictions on his practice. These include retraining, regular checks by superiors, regular reporting to the GMC, not working with children and working in a new speciality.

Holton is believed to be currently working as a neuro-physiologist at a hospital in Staffordshire. He has previously worked at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton.

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