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Wife Appeals for Help After Husband Dies From Asbestos Related Disease

Asbestos related disease death


A County Durham woman is appealing for witnesses to come forward after her husband died of an asbestos-related disease he contracted at work.

June Scott's husband Lawrence Scott ("Laurie") of Shildon, County Durham died in April 2005 from broncho pneumonia associated with cancer of the lung and asbestos related lung disease.

Asbestos related disease contracted at work

It is suspected that Laurie may have contracted the disease at the British Railway Workshops at Shildon, County Durham, where he was employed between 1939 and 1971 as a welder. Mrs Scott remembers that her husband wore an asbestos apron at work and may also have been exposed to asbestos from asbestos laggers within the British Railway Workshops.

Laurie had a history of bronchial problems and in the months leading up to January 2005 his health rapidly deteriorated. Laurie underwent investigations and was diagnosed with lung cancer on 14 January 2005.

Sadly Laurie died on 7 April 2005. A verdict of industrial disease was delivered at the inquest into Laurie's death by coroner, Mr A Tweddle on 15 November 2005.

Neil Wilkinson of North East law firm Irwin Mitchell has been making investigations into Mr Scott's claim and is helping Mrs Scott's appeal for witnesses to come forward to provide information regarding the use of asbestos at the British Railway Workshops.

"The information that Mr Scott's former colleagues could provide may be essential in ensuring that Mrs Scott receives just compensation for the tragic loss of her husband.

We are particularly keen to hear from anyone who may have worked as a welder at the British Railway workshops although it is likely that many of the employees who worked at the site may also have information which could be of assistance".

If anybody is able to provide assistance then they should contact Neil Wilkinson on 0191 279 0100.

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