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Reaction after being injected with Lipostabil

Adverse reaction to Lipostabil


A patient who suffered an adverse reaction after being injected with Lipostabil, as a cosmetic treatment for the reduction of fat, is suing the surgeon who carried out the procedure. The client who wishes to remain anonymous, and is known as Miss A, developed an infection in both legs resulting in deep ulcers which needed excision under general anaesthetic. She had to remain in hospital for a week following the above operation and was off work for over 4 months after experiencing a great deal of pain in both legs. She has been left with extensive scarring which will require further surgery to rectify the problem.

The UK regulatory body, The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, in June 2005, made clear that Lipostabil is not licensed in the UK for cosmetic use and should not be injected under the skin. Lipostabil is a soya-based product which is intended to be used intravenously for the prevention and treatment of fat blockages in blood vessels. The drug's manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis, has warned that the drug is not designed to be administered under the skin and is not safe for cosmetic purposes.

Despite this, many cosmetic surgery clinics are continuing to offer Lipostabil to patients and others are offering the drug for sale over the internet for self-injection at home. 

David Cook from law firm Irwin Mitchell who is representing Miss A, said "Unfortunately, some cosmetic surgeries are continuing to offer this treatment and people should be aware of the risks and that these clinics should not be offering it. Our client is extremely traumatised by this treatment which she thought was a minimal risk. We would recommend that anyone who has had this treatment and suffered similar side effects should seek legal advice."

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