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Injured man receives over £100,000 in work accident compensation

Work accident compensation


John Cooper has been awarded more that £100,000 in work accident compensation after he was left with a permanent injury after an accident whilst working at Tesco.

Mr Cooper, 62, took Tesco to court after they refused to pay out, but he feels let down by the company after 15 years of service.

The accident happened at work in February, 2004, he was pulling a cage loaded with stock across the yard when the wheels became jammed in broken concrete and the cage fell over and landed on his left arm. As a result of the injury he cannot do anything with his left arm, struggles to move his hand and will never be able to work again.

Tesco admitted being at fault by not keeping the warehouse safe, but the company failed to come forward with a compensation offer, claiming Mr Cooper had received negligent medical treatment."

During a hearing, Judge Christopher Walton ruled Tesco was responsible for the injury and ordered the company to pay Mr Cooper £104,140 compensation. Mr Cooper said: "I am more than happy with the outcome. "If Tesco had just made an offer in the first place, the company would have saved a lot of money."