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Ford to pay over £100,000 in asbestos cancer compensation to former employee

Asbestos cancer compensation


An Essex man has secured over £100,000 compensation after developing the asbestos cancer Mesothelioma.

Ronald Whiston (72), who lives in Rainham in Essex, was employed by the Ford Motor Company between 1961 and 1990. Mr Whitson, it is believed, was exposed to asbestos during his time at the plant working alongside laggers using asbestos lagging.

Mr Whiston was also involved in fitting brake pads that contained asbestos. Despite the dangers of the materials he was working with, Mr Whiston was never given any warnings about the hazards associated with asbestos. He was also never issued with a mask or any other equipment to stop him inhaling the asbestos dust that was all around him as he worked.

In March 2006 Doctors told Mr Whiston that he was suffering from asbestos cancer, Mesothelioma.

Mr Whiston said "My wife Jacqueline and I are devastated that doing my job all those years ago has now made me suffer this condition. Although Ford has never denied any responsibility, I am angry that they never warned me or any of my colleagues about the dangers of working with asbestos."

Asbestos cancer compensation specialist comments

Adrian Budgen, Head of Industrial Diseases Group at Irwin Mitchell, who has handled many similar Mesothelioma cases similar to the case of Mr Whiston, said "This is an extremely sad case, but unfortunately we are seeing more and more cases like Mr Whiston. These diseases develop years after exposure, we are now only seeing the true extent of this exposure from negligent working practices."

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