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Father died from cancer caused by asbestos

Cancer caused by asbestos


A woman whose father died from cancer caused by asbestos says she is still waiting for an apology. 

William Springham died suddenly from the aggressive lung cancer mesothelioma leaving his daughter Susan Bradley devastated.

Mrs Bradley is due to be awarded £50,000 compensation from Ford and the Ministry of Defence, but she has never received an apology.

Mr Bradley said: "The money is not important, it is not going to bring my Dad back. I have never received an apology from these people or any answers. I don't expect I ever will."

Mr Springham worked as a plumber at the Woolwich Arsenal, a MoD installation, in the late 1940s and for car manufacturer Ford from 1958.

It is believed he was in contact with asbestos on a regular basis.

In October 2004, Mr Springham developed breathlessness and a chesty cough and was diagnosed with mesothelioma lung cancer, caused by asbestos.

He launched a compensation bid through the Royal Courts of Justice, but died aged 73 in April 2005 before the case was resolved.

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