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Defective Pacemakers

Defective pacemakers


A software anomaly affecting St Jude Medical pacemakers has recently been reported. Identity SR Model 5172, Identity DR Model 5370 and Identity XL DR Model 5376 are alleged to be affected when used in conjunction with the following software:

APS III Model 3500/3510 programmers installed with software versions 6.1.1 and earlier

Merlin PCS Model 3650 programmers installed with software versions 4.1.1 and earlier.

The defect in the software causes inaccurate reporting of the remaining battery life of the pacemaker.

Pacemakers are used to regulate heart beats. The heart creates electronic impulses causing the heart muscle to contract (beat). A healthy heart will beat between 60 and 100 times a minute and ensure a good supply of oxygen is circulated around the body. Irregularities in these electronic impulses result in the heart beating too quickly or too slowly. Pacemakers are used to correct this abnormality.

People affected are advised to visit there G.P. so an accurate reading of the remaining battery life can be taken. To date, there have been no reported injuries.

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