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British holidaymakers struck by illness at Guardalavaca Hotel

Guardalavaca Hotel, Cuba


A British holidaymaker has described horrific conditions in the 4 star Guardalavaca Hotel from which at least 25 holidaymakers from the UK have reported being affected by sickness and diarrhoea.

Footage shot by Mrs Elaine Old (43) at the Brisas Guardalavaca Hotel in Cuba, on a home video camera, clearly shows flies covering the food in the buffet restaurant, the videotape also shows hotel rooms flooded with water from the toilets which overflowed.

Lawyers from the Travel Litigation Group at Irwin Mitchell are currently acting for 8 holidaymakers who stayed at the hotel and who claim to have been affected by the conditions. Clients have reported a range of severe gastric symptoms whilst on holiday, with some continuing to suffer from symptoms since their return to the UK.

Mrs Old from Sunderland, who travelled with UK Tour Operator Thomas Cook on an all inclusive holiday in August this year with her family to the hotel, said The hygiene at this hotel was disgusting, the buffet was next to open patio doors as there was no air conditioning at the hotel, so all of the food was covered in flies.

She continued "During my stay the dining room was fumigated after every meal due to the amount of flies, the staff did not wear protective clothing whilst doing this and the cutlery, plates and glasses, which were facing up, were laid out on the table for the next meal.

"The hotel needed refurbishing, it was supposed to be a 4 star I would not even class it as a 1 star." She continued "The toilets in our rooms flooded and excrement was all over the floor in our rooms."

Mrs Rena Blakely (53) from Fife in Scotland, travelled to the Hotel with her husband Alan (51) and 2 friends. Mrs Blakely fell ill during the second week of her holiday with diarrhoea, stomach cramps and vomiting.

Mrs Blakely said "The public toilets were so disgusting you had to hold your breath whenever you went in, I reported this to the reception but nothing was done."

She continued "The amount of flies in the dining room was appalling; I lifted a lettuce leaf to find flies underneath."


Solicitor representing victims of Guardalavaca Hotel illness

Nichola Blackburn, Travel litigation specialist at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors said "We urge people to come forward if they have been affected by illness at the Brisas Guardalavaca Hotel in Cuba. The conditions at this hotel are some of the worst I have seen for a long time, I am concerned that holidaymakers were provided with such substandard accommodation."

Nichola Blackburn has called for tour operators to improve hygiene standards at the hotels they are advertising in their brochures as clients are continuing to fall ill whilst on holiday and some clients are contracting infections that can result in long terms symptoms.

If you or someone you know has been affected by illness at the Guardalavaca Hotel, our experts can help. Fill in our online claims form for free legal advice.