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Asbestos legal appeal for ex-dockyard worker

Asbestos legal appeal


Ex-dockyard worker Rodney Elkington who's lungs are scarred by asbestos fibres is among thousands hoping a legal appeal will open the way to compensation.

Mr Elkington developed 'pleural plaques' on his lungs after working as a marine engineer as a young man at Portsmouth Docks.

Sufferers do not necessary become ill, but have a higher risk of developing illness such as the fatal lung cancer mesothelioma.

A previous Court of Appeal ruling means victims will only get compensation if their condition develops into a serious illness such as cancer.

Mr Elkington is not able to get any compensation because doctors say he is not ill enough.

Mr Elkington is now pinning his hopes on an appeal against the Court of Appeal.

The former naval petty officer, 61, said: 'I suffer chest pains and bursts of coughing. I also have problems breathing. I'm in constant fear this will lead to cancer. It's at the back of my mind all the time.'

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