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£5,000 Compensation for Work Injury to Sheffield Octagenarian

Shoulder injury at work


A Sheffield man has received £5,000 in an out-of-court settlement from his former employers after suffering a shoulder injury at work and sustaining a permanent disability.

Mr Moffatt, 80, of Parson Cross, Sheffield, damaged his shoulder in January 2005 whilst working as a general handyman for Flex-Seal Couplings, based in Valley Park Industrial Estate, Barnsley. At the time of the accident Mr Moffatt had worked part time for the company for 8 years undertaking various handyman type duties.

Part of his role was to keep the warehouse tidy and the accident happened while he was manoeuvring a hydraulic pump truck full of empty pallets. Whilst doing so the back of his work boot became caught up with the pallets causing him to fall heavily to the ground injuring his left shoulder.

He said: "I was in immediate pain and felt badly shaken and dazed. I tried to pull myself up but was unable to do so because of the pain so had to sit for about 10 minutes before managing to get myself up and see a colleague who took me to the first aid room.

"I did not want to worry my wife so rejected the offer of being taken to the hospital. I did, however, visit my GP who referred me for physiotherapy. After a few visits I was told by the physiotherapist that my injuries were too serious to be assisted further by their treatment and was referred to the Northern General Hospital."

Shoulder injury permanently damaged arm

Mr Moffatt was informed that the shoulder injury he had sustained was in fact muscle damage known as a rotator cuff tear and at some point may need a shoulder replacement. He was also told that he would never regain the full use of his arm and has needed assistance around the house with things such as DIY and decorating.

He said: "The thing I miss the most is not being able to go ballroom dancing with my wife as this is something we have both done for many years and thoroughly enjoy."

His payout was secured with help from Lynne Parker, of personal injury experts Irwin Mitchell, based at the firm's Riverside offices in Sheffield. Commenting on the payout, Miss Parker said: "Mr Moffatt really enjoyed the continued independence of working and has been robbed of the chance of being able to work until the age of 80 as he had planned. He was never given any training in respect of use of the pump truck or manual handling. Employers need to realise the duty of care they owe to their entire workforce, be they full or part time employees the duty is the same."