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Widow's Search For Husband's Ex-Work Mates After Asbestos Death

Death caused by mesothelioma


The widow of a former metallurgist employed by Rolls Royce in Derby, who died after being exposed to asbestos at work, is appealing for his former work colleagues to come forward, to help in her fight for justice.

Richard Walker died at the age of 59 on 28 April 2005 from mesothelioma, the fatal asbestos-related lung disease. Mrs Ann Walker, has now launched a search for her husbands former work colleagues who may help her to prove that his death was due to asbestos exposure at work. In particular, she is searching for her husbands friend, Ian Watson who may be able to help progress her case.

Mr Walker, is thought to have been exposed to asbestos dust whilst working for Rolls Royce in Derby, as a metallurgist between 1963 and 1972. Mr Walker worked for the company at their laboratories in Derby in research and development and would break up raw asbestos which he used in his experiments to line petri-dishes.

Mesothelioma diagnosis

Mrs Walker said: Dick was diagnosed with mesothelioma in January 2005, only three months before he died. He left behind a family who miss him terribly.

This year alone, 2,000 people in Britain “ on average one person every five hours - will die from this fatal disease for which there is no cure. This figure is growing every year and is not set to peak until at least 2015.

Mesothelioma compensation law firm

Alida Coates, from national law firm, Irwin Mitchell, is representing Mrs Walker in her claim for compensation. She explained: Mr Walker was only 59 when he died from complications associated with mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a most painful and aggressive disease which he would not have contracted had it not been for his exposure to asbestos. As with so many cases of mesothelioma, Mr Walker had only a matter of months to live once he had been diagnosed and this came as a terrible shock to his family who are still trying to come to terms with his death.

The resulting inquest showed that Mr Walker died from an industrial disease and in order for his family to obtain some recompense for the debilitating illness from which he died, it is vital that people who worked in the laboratories at Rolls Royce between 1963 and 1972 come forward to assist us with our enquiries.

We are particularly interested in tracing Mr Ian Watson, a friend of Mr Walker who may be able to assist our investigations. He is pictured in the photograph and was best man at the wedding of Dick and Ann in 1974.