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Sheffield Man Wins £3,800 Settlement

Loss of finger at work claim


A Sheffield man has been awarded £3,800 by his employers in an out of court settlement after losing part of a finger and being unable to work for three months.

Lacerated finger at work

David Hoare, 46, of Bowland Drive, Burncross, a press operator at A P W Enclosure Systems, in Claywheels Lane, lacerated the end of the ring finger on his left hand whilst lifting a steel plate in May 2005.

His payout was secured with help from Lynne Parker, of the personal injury team at national law firm Irwin Mitchell, based at its new Riverside offices in Sheffield.

At the time of the accident Mr Hoare was turning a piece of steel by hand as it was too small for the usual jig.

He said: "I picked up the plate with both hands and started to turn it away from myself. I thought this was the safer option, as if I turned it towards me and anything went wrong, the steel could have easily fallen on my feet.

"But as I started to turn the plate and lay it the other way round, it fell to the table, trapping and crushing my left ring finger. I pulled it out straight away and went to find the first aider."

Mr Hoare travelled by taxi to the Northern General Hospital, where x-rays were taken and a temporary dressing applied. He was told to return the next day for surgery, but, despite his wound being closed, Mr Hoare lost the top part of his finger.

Mr Hoare was due to travel to Turkey the next day, and although he did go on holiday it was spoiled due to pain, having to redress his wound and not being able to swim.

The wound healed slowly, as Mr Hoare had crushed the soft tissue in the tip of his finger, causing extreme sensitivity and pain, and absence from work until August.

Finger loss compensation claim solicitor

Commenting on the payout, Lynne Parker said: "Mr Hoare's accident could have been prevented if the correct safety mechanisms were in place, such as the correct jig.

"Businesses need to ensure health and safety requirements are met or they risk putting their staff in danger. Accidents like this are avoidable yet we continue to see them everyday."

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