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Matlock Man Awarded £4,000 After a Workplace Fall Leads to Serious Arm Infection

Fall in the workplace


A Matlock fabricator has been awarded £4,000 after lacerating his elbow in a workplace fall, which led to a potentially dangerous arm infection.

Gary Wilson, 50, of Cromford Road, Wirksworth, was awarded the sum in an out of court settlement against M&G Olympic Products Limited, of Randall Street, Sheffield. His award was secured with the help of Lynne Parker, of national law firm Irwin Mitchell, based at its offices in Riverside, Sheffield.

On the day of the accident in September 2004, Mr Wilson was attempting to climb over a pile of steel, which surrounded the work area, to get to the toilet. However, as he stepped onto the steel pile, he lost his balance, falling heavily to the concrete floor and onto his right elbow.

Elbow injured at work

Mr Wilson said: My elbow was quite painful, so I attended the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, where it was found to be bruised and tender but, fortunately, x-rays revealed there was no fracture despite the nasty cut. The wound was cleaned and dressed and I was told to return to the hospital two days later.

However, the next day the elbow had become red, hot and swollen. Discharge was leaking from the wound, so he attended hospital again and sutures which had been applied the previous day were removed.

Arm infection caused by work injury

Mr Wilson added: I returned to the hospital for the third time the following day. Unfortunately, the infection became worse and I had to be admitted, as I had developed extensive cellulitis, an acute inflammation of the tissue in my arm.

After spending two nights in hospital, Mr Wilson was discharged. He remained off work for a week while the wound healed.

Since the accident, Mr Wilson has left M&G Olympic Products and is currently the licensee of the Limekiln Public House in Wirksworth. He still suffers from arm pain in the course of his job, particularly when pulling pints or lifting barrels, and has to take painkillers to relieve this.

Commenting on the payout, Ms Parker said: Mr Wilsons employers failed to ensure a safe working environment. It is wholly unacceptable that hazards such as this should be present blocking traffic routes in the workplace. It is an employers responsibility to ensure that the working environment is safe and free from unnecessary dangers.