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Sheffield Supermarket Worker Awarded £3,250 After Slipping On Wet Floor

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A Sheffield supermarket worker has received £3,250 in compensation after a faulty dishwasher caused her to slip at work, resulting in leg, shoulder and elbow injuries.

With help from Sheffield-based, national law firm Irwin Mitchell, Patricia Morton, 45, of the city's Adlington Crescent, received the sum in an out of court settlement, following an workplace slip claim against Morrison's Supermarkets.

Mrs Morton, who had worked for Morrisons for seven years, was employed as a counter assistant at the time of the accident in April 2004. She was carrying out normal duties when she slipped on a wet floor, falling heavily onto her left side, suffering extensive bruising, stiffness and soft tissue damage.

She said: "I was working in the cooked chickens department and on the day of my accident it was extremely busy, as lots of people had come in to buy a chicken for their Sunday lunch. My colleague and I were cleaning the kitchen. I went to unload the dishwasher, but when I raised the lid, hot water gushed all over my face. I tried to move out of the way, but slipped on the water.

"I fell heavily onto my elbow, banging my right leg on some metal racking. My leg hurt a lot and soon began bruising. I think I must have gone into shock. A first aider checked me for broken bones whilst I was lying in the water. I was then helped into a wheelchair and I remember shaking and feeling very sick. "

Mrs Morton was taken to Sheffield's Northern General Hospital where she underwent x-rays and was told that she had damaged muscles in her shoulder and neck.

She said: "I was given a sling for my arm and took a week off work. I also visited my GP for stronger painkillers, as the ones I had been taking were not working. As I did not improve, and was unable to sleep due to the pain, I returned to my GP, who signed me off for a further week."

In the days following her accident, Mrs Morton developed pain and stiffness in her neck and shoulder. She returned to work on light duties after two weeks, but suffered further pain and was signed off for another fortnight by her GP. Although she has since returned to working her normal hours.

She said: "I have been at Morrison's for seven years and the same dishwasher has always been faulty. A colleague was sprayed with water the week before my accident and was so wet she had to change her uniform. Since my accident, the same thing has happened to a different colleague. Morrison's will not authorise the purchase of a new dishwasher and I believe if it had been replaced, my accident would not have occurred."

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The compensation claim was handled by Lynne Parker, a personal injury expert from the Sheffield office of national law firm Irwin Mitchell.

Ms Parker said: "Mrs Morton still suffers from a constant dull ache in her neck and around her shoulder blade. After the accident, she was also unable to carry out household tasks and hobbies, such as gardening and cross stitch.

"This case highlights the importance of health and safety checks on appliances in the workplace, to ensure accidents and injuries, such as those suffered by Mrs Morton, do not occur."

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